Exhibit Competitions

Wrought Ironwork Awards at the Great Yorkshire Show

Chief Steward: Mrs A Bradley Stewards: Mr Q Thompson,  Mr M Grimes, Mr I Baxter, Mr N Willett


Awards are open to Full Time Practising Blacksmiths, Apprentices and Young Smiths.

Static Competition. Judging on Tuesday of the Show

Entries must be taken to the Wrought Ironwork Stand on the Showground after 6pm on Monday evening before the show opens on the Tuesday. All exhibits will remain on display until the closure of the Show on the Friday evening.

Each entry to be an original and completed work made within the previous two years from the date of the Show. No article may be entered which has received an award at a previous Great Yorkshire Show. 

If you would like to enter an exhibit into the competition, please email gys@blacksmithcourse.co.uk

Show categories detailed below.

  • CLASS 1 – PROFESSIONAL/QUALIFIED Single piece of ironwork. Prizes: 1st – £20; 2nd – £15; 3rd – £10 and GYS Certificate
  • CLASS 2 – AMATEUR/STUDENT Single piece of ironwork or body of work. Prizes: 1st – £20; 2nd – £15; 3rd – £10 and GYS Certificate
  • CLASS 3 – OPEN CLASS Single item under £250 or full body of work (no individual item in body to exceed £250). Items entered in class 1 or 2 not eligible for this class. Prizes: 1st – £15; 2nd – £10; 3rd – £5 and GYS Certificate


Entrants supply their own tools and materials (no preformed stock is allowed). Forge, fuel and anvil provided. All hand tools to be provided by competitors. No power tools permitted beyond initial cutting of stock. Time starts when the steel goes into the forge. All entries to be Judged  at 3pm on Friday.

  • CLASS 4 – Professional 30 minute – ‘saleable, functional’ item – No Striker. Cash award for 1st place only
  • CLASS 5 – Amateur 30 minute – ‘saleable, functional’ item – No Striker. Cash award for 1st place only
  • CLASS 6 – Professional 3 hour – Set Theme item ‘Balance’ – Cash award for 1st place only
  • CLASS 7 – Amateur 3 hour – Set Theme item ‘Balance’ – Cash award for 1st place only
  • CLASS 8 – Professional/Amateur – Functional item to set design – Non-competitive collaboration for group design
  • Exhibits are left at the Wrought Ironwork Stand at your own risk. Stewards and GYS are not responsible for items left on the showfield.
  • Exhibits must be taken to the Wrought Ironwork Stand on the Showground not later than 8pm on Monday evening prior to the show start. Details of exhibits should be emailed to Annabelle Bradley at gys@blacksmithcourse.co.uk to allow for allocation of exhibition space. Entries may be brought on the Tuesday morning before judging, however exhibition space will be restricted.
  • All exhibits will remain on display until the closure of the Show on Friday, however they may be taken at the end of each show day and brought back before the start of each show day if exhibitors prefer not to leave items on site. Items not returned before the start of the show day will not be eligible for the competitions, and may lose the display space.
  • Exhibits must be collected from the Showground between 4pm and 5pm on the Friday (last day of show).
  • A display table or floor space will be available for all items.
  • Exhibits with sharpened edges/blades must be displayed under a glass screened case. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing their own exhibit case. Dimensions must be provided in advance.
  • All entries to be priced, indicating normal retail price of the item.
  • All entries to be labelled with maker’s name, address and contact number on one side of a plain white or buff card or label (must not be a business card or promotional material), with the category to be entered into on the other side – NO other information should be added to the category side for judging purposes.
  • Entries for the four days of live forging competition will be judged on Friday afternoon, items taken before that time will not be eligible for judging.
  • The Judge’s decision shall be final.

Further details can be found in the Great Yorkshire Show competition schedule and guidlines.





The main concern of Public Health is those who work at the Show as they will be on the Showground for long periods and be in contact with numerous visitors and other attendees.

All stewards, staff and exhibitors will therefore need to present a negative LFD test when they first arrive on site.  This test must be taken within 24hrs of your first arrival at the showground from Saturday 10th July.

On presentation of a negative test you will be given a wristband which must be worn throughout the show period to show proof of a negative test.  These wristbands do not provide entry to the show they are for covid test ID purposes only.

Testing / Checking of tests will start from Saturday 10th July. 

It is in your interest to test yourself before you arrive at the Showground but if you arrive without proof of a negative test you will not be allowed entry and a test kit will be provided at the gate, you will then need to go to a holding area to take the test yourself.  The test takes half an hour.  

You must register the results of your test on the government website at https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result or on the NHS App.

Once this is done you will be sent a text to your phone confirming a negative test result and it is this that you must present at a gate to obtain a wristband.

Anyone who does not have access to the internet can use an alternative form of communication and to register the test they can phone 119. They will then get a confirmatory text message on their phone which they present at gate.

Anyone receiving a positive LFD test should NOT come to the Showground or must leave the Showground, self isolate and take a confirmatory PCR test.  You must also report the positive test to us or where applicable your designated Covid Officer.


Free LFD tests can be obtained from your local pharmacy or the government website and they will be posted to you. You can order a test on – www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests

Anyone staying at the show for more than 2 days is encouraged to repeat LFD testing every couple of days to ensure the safety of yourselves, staff and visitors, although this will not require further checking.  You will need to use your own testing kits for this purpose.

If at any time over the period of working at the Show you or your staff receive a positive test result, they must report this to us immediately and follow self-isolation advice.

If staff are at anytime contacted by NHS Test and Trace and required to self- isolate they must report it to you as the Covid officer and to us. 

These additional checks at the gate may result in longer wait times, so we would advise wherever possible arriving early. 

We hope that conducting LFD Tests will keep everyone safe and ensure we have a fantastic four days.